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Fun Hawaiian Rentals

Choose your own adventure with three spectacular 1-day rental options:

  • H2O Ninja Snorkeling Mask and Fins,
  • Cool Hawaiian Cabana, or
  • Sun Shade Moped

H2O Ninja Mask Full Face Breather (GoPro Edition) with High-Grade Swim Fins

Unlike any other snorkeling mask and snorkel set found anywhere! You can now breathe through your nose and mouth with a full-faced mask that allows you more underwater viewing than any other snorkel set in the world! No more tubes in your mouth and no more fogging up like regular masks. The revolutionary H2O Ninja mask allows you to relax and enjoy the Hawaiian tropical fish with 180 degrees of visibility! Great for beginners, children and all level of snorkeling. Mask and Snorkel are GoPro compatible. High-grade diving fins included!

Get Wet!

Cool Hawaiian Cabanas

Now you can enjoy your day at the beach anywhere in the shade of our cabanas! Whether by foot, bike, moped, or car, these lightweight cabanas are easy to carry and easy to use, taking only 5 minutes to set up! Found only here in Hawaii and Australia, these cabanas will give you the pleasure of privacy on a crowded beach or a secluded cove, so try it today and have fun!

Sun Shade Mopeds

As seen on the hit television show, Hawaii 5-0, and exclusive to Hawaii, these Mopeds are equipped with GPS to guide you to Waterfalls, Beautiful Beaches, and Historical sites! Our mopeds’ original “Hawaiian Surf Shade” offer you the convenience of catching a suntan or riding in the shade while exploring the Hawaiian atmosphere! Resembling an Ocean Wave, the Surf Shade shields you from the sun. When the shade is off, it becomes a handy beach bag for your gear, tropical fruits and snacks, or souvenirs you buy while shopping! It slips on and off your moped in a matter of seconds!

Picture from Fun Hawaiian Rentals Picture from Fun Hawaiian Rentals
Picture from Fun Hawaiian Rentals Picture from Fun Hawaiian Rentals

Daily Rental Period: 7am-6pm
Pick-up/Drop-off: 7am-6pm
Phone Lines Open: 7am-9pm

Days &Times:

Instructions on how to use equipment, maps


Sunscreen recommended for all activities in the Hawaiian sun!


H2O Ninja Mask/Fins - $39/day
plus $7 cleaning fee
Cool Cabana - $19.50/day
Sun Shade Moped - $42/day
plus $8 Collision Damage Waiver
(valid Driver’ License required)

Reservation, Deposit, ID, & Credit Card required for all rentals.
Group Rates Available (Inquire with Agent)
Group Rate Details

Visa, MasterCard, American Express

(plus 5% state tax)

Picture of GoPro Hero3 Camera

Rent a GoPro Hero3 Video Recorder, the newest way to capture your adventures in paradise!

  • Stunning photos and professional-quality video.
  • All-weather and waterproof to 100ft.
  • Headstrap available for underwater. Handheld tripod available for land.
  • Starting at $25 per day. Contact us for reservations.
  • More product details at GoAdventureCam

Extra Options:

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picture from the Fun Hawaiian Rentals